How Dental Fillings Help Restore Your Smile

Find out how this common dental restoration could improve the health of your teeth.fillings

Finding out you have a cavity is certainly not a day at the beach. Of course, it really is a pretty easy dental issue to treat. After all, most people will deal with a cavity at some point during their lifetime. It’s how you handle the problem that’s the most important. From the office of your Plaistow, NH, dentist Dr. DiPaolo, find out more about dental fillings and how they can strengthen and enhance a decaying tooth.

What are dental fillings?

If you find out you have a cavity you may wonder what the next steps might be. First and foremost, our Plaistow, NH, general dentist will want to remove the decay so that it doesn’t continue to spread and affect the overall integrity of the tooth. Preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible is most important.

We will first numb the area around the tooth before drilling out the decay. Once all the decay has been removed we will need to fill the tooth not only to improve its appearance but also to restore durability and full function back into the tooth. In order to do this, we will place a dental filling.

How are dental fillings placed?

Dental fillings are made from moldable tooth-colored material. Before the material is placed, we will first pick the tooth-colored resin that most closely matches your natural tooth’s color so that it blends in seamlessly and isn’t noticeable. Once we’ve chosen the ideal resin shade we will then apply the first layer of the resin over the tooth.

From there, we will contour, trim and shape the material over the tooth. Each layer will then be hardened with a dental laser. Layer after layer will be placed until the tooth has been fully restored. Then we will give your filled tooth a nice polish to make sure that the resin shines just like natural tooth enamel. And there you have it! A filled tooth that is now free of decay!

Do you think you might be dealing with a cavity? Need to schedule your six-month cleaning? These are perfect times in which you should call our dental office right away to schedule an appointment. Village Dental of New England in Plaistow, NH, is here for you!